Comprehensive Solutions

We can offer budget-friendly solutions for every IT element of your practice, including remote and on-site support.


Business Continuity

Downtime is not an option when you’re trying to care for your patients. We can ensure your business keeps functioning without interruption.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Have you ever considered what would happen if your records vanished because of a technical issue? Working with Metallic means you won’t have to think about it. Our solutions ensure you have continuous data protection.


Consulting, Strategy & Project Management

Metallic can assist with the organization, execution and completion of your IT projects. We offer a virtual CIO experience, with a strategic, Chief Information Office-level consultation to keep your projects on target and within budget.


Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Need assistance setting things up in a new office? We can help get your business up and running quickly, by helping you determine what you need.

Compliance is vital, but for those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of IT, it may be difficult to monitor and maintain.